Whistlin' Down the Wire...

Last week I drove to Maine to photograph a County Lineman, and yes...that Glen Campbell song was in my head the whole way:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp_Kakkm6U4

It was six hours up Sunday night, and six-hours back on Monday...and that comes-out to 12 hours of bliss.

Here's what I liked best: 

  (C) Stan Godlewski 2015

  (C) Stan Godlewski 2015

- Speed limit is 70 mph, and there are about 6 cops in the state to enforce it. 

- At night, if you drive fast enough up a long hill on the highway, you almost believe that when you crest it, you’ll drive off the                                     edge of the planet.

- The commercial radio stations, they play whatever they want and I heard zero top forty.

- It’s ALMOST Canada

- I rolled down the windows just to see what the air smelled like. It was really good.

- If you go far enough north, there is never high-noon light, just morning and afternoon light.

- Everyone at the Howard Johnson's breakfast counter orders “The usual”

- My usual would be the western omelette, even if it was made by a guy in a Bruins hat.

- Gentleman next to me actually had a wife named Mabel. 

- Near the water there's a place to stay called the "Bait's Motel."

- It has an “International” Airport...because there’s a flight to Montreal.